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Gabriela Tijerina's Debut Children's Book!

Abuela's Fideo: a Story of a Grandmother's Love

Dulce Ramos loves a good mouthwatering bowl of homemade fideo, or noodle soup. Most especially like the kind her beloved Abuela used to make, who recently passed away. Dulce misses her Abuela terribly and wishes she had paid more attention and learned how to make her delicious fideo. Notwithstanding, Dulce embarks on a fideo cooking adventure that she is sure will taste just like Abuelas’.

In this touching story of family love and loss, Dulce discovers how cooking has the power to nourish the body as well as the soul. 

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Praise for Abuela's Fideo

"Abuela's Fideo truly hit very close to home. Having lost my own Abuelita early this year reminded me how much our grandmother's cooking a real reflection of their love. Abuela's Fideo really does carry on a legacy that only Abuelitas can leave behind, and allows their memory to live in our hearts. I loved it."

-Denise Leyva, Bilingual Teacher

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