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Behind the scenes look into the making of 

Abuela's Fideo. Read along, and author Q&A

Recommended ages 7-12

Abuela's Fideo read aloud, games, and author Q&A

Recommended from ages 3-7


Benefits of an Author/Illustrator Visit

  • Spark confidence and intrigue for future creatives and writers

  • Ignite imagination in young minds

  • Encourage both reluctant and avid readers to embrace new stories

  • Allow hispanic children to embrace their culture, and non hispanic children to learn and respect other cultures.

Perfect for...​

  • Grandparent's Day

  • Hispanic Heritage Month

  • Dia De Los Muertos

  • National Cooking Day

Presentation on my experience as an author and illustrator. 

Advice and pointers for working in the creative industry and author Q&A.

Recommended ages 12+

For book orders and classroom sets, Please visit Del Alma Publication's Website

Pricing Breakdown

  • $250 Presentation 

  • $150 Zoom Call (1 hour)

Out of town rates

  • .65 per mile traveled for expenses

  • $55 for meals

  • $100 a night for lodging 


Stylized Digital Portraits

  • $50 per person (children and babies as well

  • $25 per animal or pet

Pet Portraits

  • $50 for first pet

  • +$25 per additional Pet

Gif Design

  • Starting at $100 for simple animation

Additional Charges

  • +$10 for complex background

  • +$10 per round of additional adjustments

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